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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for watching. the evening news with scott pelley is next. >> >> pelley: tonight crippling ld, dangerous weather in the midwest, storm warnings from texas to virginia. dean reynolds and jamie yuccas report. we'll look at what's coming next. a winter olympics contractor tells mark phillips he's in danger because he refused to pay bribes. seth doane with a rare look inside fukushima. how long will the reactors be a threat? >> the explosion sent debris and chunks of concrete into this pool where the nuclear fuel was being stored. >> pelley: and what draws 11,000 people in this weather? barry petersen on the hunt for a four-pound fish. >> you're not going to win anything with that, do you think? >> well, you don't know unless you try, sir. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, and this is our western edition. it's a tough way to start the
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work week, folks in chicago woke up to subzero cold with the temperature going nowhere but down. howling winds kicked up waves on lake michigan, creating a wall of ice on shore. in minnesota, it was hazardous to spend more than just a few minutes outside. the thermometer dipped to 20 below in some places. the deep freeze extends through the midwest and winter storms are headed for the deep south. we have a team of correspondents covering this beginning with dean reynolds in the very windy city. dean? >> reporter: scott, the windchill tonight in chicago is expected to be 40 degrees below zero and the actual temperature is not expected to peak above zero into wednesday in what may turn out to be the longest period of bitter cold in 31 years. the snowplows arrived too late for this greyhound bus that slipped off the pavement 50
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miles south of chicago in windchills of 20 below. no one was hurt. 40 mile an hour gusts created whiteout conditions and forced road closures like this one in indiana. passable routes in iowa and elsewhere were hard to find or even see. but this law enforcement officer did see in michigan was terrifying. in ohio, the wind blew so hard it spontaneously built what are called snow rollers which caught the attention of mary bruni. >> like a bunch of tumbleweeds. ohio tumbleweeds. >> reporter: in chicago, it was minus one at 2:00 and heading down as cordell hill headed to work. >> the wind is disrespecting the jacket i got on right now. it's very cold out here. >> reporter: because frostbite can occur in minutes in these conditions, schools in chicago, cleveland, and milwaukee were closed until wednesday. chicago students will be missing their fourth day this month. chicago commuter train workers lit fires below track switches
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to keep them from freezing. while on the street, potholes proliferated. chicago transportation department deputy commissioner tom carney. >> for the calendar year 2014 we're at about 75,000 potholes filled already. >> reporter: 75,000 potholes? >> yes. >> reporter: 75,000 potholes, scott! and by comparison, for the hole month of january last year the city filled 55,000 potholes and, of course, there are four days left in january this year. >> pelley: and 400,000 chicago students staying home from school. dean, thanks very much. staying inside did not always provide relief today. here's jamie yuccas of our minneapolis station wcco. >> reporter: the temperature dropped to 16 degrees below zero overnight. meals on wheels volunteer michael stevens was making sure his clients had food and heat.
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>> hey, man, how are you doing? how are you feeling? >> pretty good. >> just want to make sure people are okay because when it gets really cold like this, this is bone-chilling cold. just want to make sure people are okay. >> reporter: the deep freeze has driven demand for natural gas to record levels in the minneapolis area. the timing could not have been worse for this explosion on one of the main gas pipelines into north dakota and minnesota. it prompted a plea from supplier excel energy. >> reporter: the gas company has worked around the pipeline problem, but amy rowe is still keeping the thermostat set to the low 60s. >> we are at a limited income and so we just have to be really responsible with our money and be watchful about what we spend it on when it is cold out there. it feels really good in here.
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>> reporter: tomorrow, amy's kids will stay home for a fifth time this month because of the cold. so far this year, the salvation army has taken 8,500 applications for emergency heating assistance. scott, last year they took just 2,700 but this time. >> pelley: it's going to be negative 23 there tomorrow. jamie, thanks very much. eric fisher is our chief meteorologist at wbz, our cbs station in boston. eric, this time around, what's behind the cold air mass? >> you know, scott, i feel like we've had a lot of these conversation this winter. it's been so persistent. the polar jet stream taking another big deep across the central and eastern u.s. and this time around all the way down to the gulf coast. this will drag extremely cold air down to the shores of alabama, mississippi, and florida, scott. >> pelley: and we have cases of -- we have storm warnings up from galveston all the way around the gulf. how big is that storm going to be? >> this is going to be a pretty significant storm by southern standards. this is a map you won't see many
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times in a lifetime. winter storm warnings from houston to new orleans over toward pensacola and reaching up through the carolinas, southern states that don't have a lot of infrastructure to deal with ice and sleet and snow and that's what's in the forecast. this begins tomorrow. we'll be breaking out lit icing and snowfalls as we head through the day, including new orleans and reaching toward the southern suburbs of atlanta. it's tomorrow night into wednesday morning. snow, sleet, freezing rain all moving through. this can be quite significant in parts of the carolinas before it all wraps up heading into wednesday morning. so how much snow? well, one to three inches of snow for many but keep in mind freezing rain and sleet, as much as three to six inches in the carolinas. scott, maybe some folks seeing more than a half foot of snow. >> pelley: eric fisher with wbz. eric, thanks a lot. we were curious how the weather is hitting the economy so we called the economists over at moody's analytics. they told us the frigid temperatures slowed the growth in employment between 60,000 and 75,000 jobs. of that, 25,000 would have been
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construction jobs, as you might expect. jobs will be a theme in the president's state of the union address tomorrow. he's expected to say that he will bypass congress if necessary and use executive powers to bring relief to the long-term unemployment. there's a debate right now between democrats and republicans over whether extending unemployment benefits encourages people to stay unemployed. nancy cordes went to north carolina to see that debate in action. >> medical assistant in raleigh, you okay with that one? >> yes. >> reporter: at this unemployment office in raleigh, there's a new sense of urgency for job seekers. job counselor larry campbell sees it everyday. >> i've had people say "i'll take anything just to get food on the table." and i understand that. >> reporter: six months ago, the state's republican-led legislature cut unemployment insurance from 26 weeks to 20 and slashed the weekly payment by 35%. the move left the state and its
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residents ineligible for 40 additional weeks of federal long-term unemployment benefits. 38-year-old marcus dunn lost his security job in august and his unemployment insurance ran out this month so he moved in with his father. how many jobs would you say you've applied for? >> i'd say about 40. >> reporter: has the experiment worked? >> yes, it has worked. >> reporter: republican governor pat mccory argues the new law has given the jobless more incentive. >> people now are accepting jobs that they might have been turning down due to continuation of unemployment benefits. it might not have been the job they wanted but it's at least getting them back into the job market where they have an opportunity to progress and learn skills. >> reporter: he points to the state's unemployment rate which fell from 8.9% last july to 7.4% today. the steepest drop in the country. but democrats note that according to government statistics, for every north
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carolina resident who found a job, two more gave up looking all together. state senator josh stein. >> cutting unemployment benefits off for people, that's not going to create a job. >> reporter: a similar argument is playing out here on capitol hill. republicans say the nation cannot afford these extended long-term benefits that congress first approved at the start of the recession, while democrats argue it can still take a year or more to find a job in some hard-hit industries, scott. >> pelley: nancy, thanks very much. cbs news will provide live coverage of the president's state of the union address address tomorrow night at 6:00 pacific time. late today, house and senate negotiators reached agreement on a new farm bill. this matters a lot because now farmers will be able to make plans knowing how much they'll be receiving in subsidies.
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the compromise also cuts the food stamp program by $8.5 billion over ten years. that's about 1% of that program. there was tight security today when the olympic torch was carried through dagestan, a volatile region that is home to islamic militants who have threatened to attack the winter games in sochi, russia. there were no incidents. security is just one of the reasons why these olympics are the most expensive in history. rampant corruption may be another. mark phillips investigated. stigated. >> reporter: they've been painting the olympic rings on the new roads built around sochi. they may as well have been dollar signs for what they cost- - just shy of $9 billion. it's become a local joke that the roads would have been cheaper if they'd been paved with caviar. olympic spending records have also been set for the new venues along the coast and up in the mountains outside of sochi. a new report by a russian anticorruption group says the
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total cost for the games has soared to about $50 billion-- more than five times as much as the last winter games. yet the best play to discover why costs have risen so high may not be among the gleaming new venues but on this street in a town just outside of london where valery morozov, once a olympic contractor lives. he fled russia for fear of his life, he told us, because he couldn't stand the corruption anymore. >> i was informed that there is a contract on my assassination. >> reporter: because you knew too much, because you could finger other people? >> no, because they miscalculated me. >> reporter: miscalculated, he said, because the local olympic organizers told him to add about $30 million to his bill for various sochi construction projects and then pay that money back to them as kickbacks. where was this extra money supposed to go?
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what was it for? >> the only one reason for this was their pockets. >> reporter: their pockets? >> yeah. there was only one reason. >> reporter: morozov rebuilt some of the crumbling facilities of the old sochi resort. the kickbacks, he said, followed a familiar formula. 40% was the usual amount for the kickback on a contract? >> yes. usually you can calculate at approximately 40%. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin has said those who claim there's corruption should prove it, but with a suspect bidding process, little public accountability and the corruption running to high places, valery morozov says there's no incentive to investigate and, scott, nothing but trouble for anyone who tries. >> pelley: the olympics begin the seventh of february. mark, thanks very much. we're about to get a rare look inside the leaking fukushima nuclear plant. and avalanches have blocked the only road into a key oil town, when the "cbs evening news" continues. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever.
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5:46 pm
the painstaking cleanup. >> reporter: three miles from the plant, roads are still closed, radiation levels here soar 100 times higher than normal. to protect ourselves from radiation, we suited up like the 4,300 decontamination workers here. once, this was the hard of a radioactive no-go zone. now it's safe enough to spend a few hours inside. >> the building on the left, it's unit 4. >> reporter: tepco, the company that owns the crippled plant, is still struggling to deal with the disaster. all four reactors are still emitting radiation, but tepco has made some progress. this is what tepco wants us to see: the heart of the decommissioning work taking place here in reactor 4. following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, a hydrogen
5:47 pm
explosion tore off the roof of this reactor. at the time, reactor four was not in use but that explosion sent debris and chunks of concrete into this pool where the nuclear fuel was being stored. we were able to watch the delicate and dangerous work of removing some of the 1,500 radioactive fuel rod assemblies. if the rods break, they could release more radioactive gases. i've read an analogy that this is like removing a cigarette from a crushed pack. "take that analogy" tepco engineer masayuki ono told us, "and imagine it's like the cigarette in that box is lit." so you're saying it's even more difficult than that? >> i think so. >> reporter: ono told us they've removed 15% of the fuel from reactor 4 but it will be far more difficult to retrieve fuel from three other reactors that melted down. those are so radioactive that the technology to dismantle them
5:48 pm
does not exist yet. tepco injects hundreds of tons of water daily into the reactors to keep them cool, but groundwater is pouring into the damaged reactors and has to be pumped out and stored. they can't build these tanks fast enough. an additional 400 tons of contaminated water needs to be stored everyday. that's as much water as the average american household uses in a year. at the end of our tour, we were checked for radiation exposure. in four hours, i received the equivalent of less than a chest x-ray. >> pelley: seth is in our tokyo newsroom tonight. seth, what's it going to take to clean this up? >> reporter: well, quite a bit of time, scott. the cleanup operation is under way 24 hours a day. it's projected to cost upwards of $100 billion and could take as many as 40 years to complete.
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>> pelley: seth doane, thank you, seth, great job. today the shopping mall in columbia, maryland, reopened two days after a gunman shot and killed two people and then himself. flowers were placed at a memorial, the skateboard shop where the shooting took place was boarded up. police have no motive. they stay shooter-- 19-year-old darien aguilar-- left a journal that expressed general unhappiness but they know of no connection between him and the two victims. a caribbean cruise is ending early after hundreds got sick at sea. that's just ahead. sea. that's just ahead. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles.
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>> >> pelley: teacher tenure went on trial today in los angeles. nine california public school students are suing the state to abolish its tenure laws. they say they keep bad teachers in the classroom. the president of the california federation of teachers warns this case could gut basic teachers' rights. tonight, the centers for disease control is trying to determine why people on a royal caribbean cruiseship got sick at sea. more than 600 passengers and crew aboard the "explorer of the seas" are suffering from a gastrointestinal illness. they've been quarantined. the ship is skipping its final port and will return to new
5:53 pm
jersey two days early. today the only road into valdez, alaska, remained closed after several avalanches over the weekend. have a look at richardson highway. some parts of it are buried under 70 feet of ice and snow. city officials say it could take the rest of this week to clear the road. valdez is an important oil town, but it's still accessible by air and sea. there are some odd characters that thrive in the coldest conditions. we'll introduce you next. [ coughs ] de and. [ all gasp ] [ male announcer ] robitussin dm max now comes in a new liquid-filled capsule. nothing provides more powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. nothing provides more powerful cough relief. imagine not beinge near this so often., imagine not getting out of bed again and again. and imagine finally taking control of your symptoms with the oxytrol for women patch. now fda approved as otc.
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the hook for costly upgrade story you'll only see on kp. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: finally tonight, for most, january is a time to hunker down-- preferably under a blanket. then there are the folks that barry petersen met over the week end in brainerd, minnesota. >> reporter: call them the truly fishing faithful. 11,000 spreading across hole in the day bay braving windchills in about minus 20 competing for prizes in a an ice fishing extravaganza for charity. here hope springs eternal through holes drilled through as much as two feet of ice. some have tried for years to catch their first fish, like mat ericson. >> you brave it, come out, do it one day, stay inside for about three days. >> reporter: go get warm.
5:57 pm
>> yup, warm back up. >> reporter: lesson one: cold weather fishing fashion is all about hats of all sizes and species says aaron krepel. what are you wearing on your head? >> i'm wearing a coyote hat made from the guy right down here, actually. >> reporter: is it a real coyote? >> it was, yes. >> reporter: joe goble, a machinist in the local area, knew enough to bring out his barca lounger. the barca lounger is part of your wind protection system? >> exactly. because i can tuck back into it and the wind will go around you. (laughs) >> reporter: when someone actually caught a fish, it was rushed to the weighing tent because the biggest fish wins. you're not gonna win anything with that, do you think? >> well, you don't know unless you try, sir. >> look at that! >> reporter: in the end, avid fisherman art karskoy was the big win we are a 4.73 pound caught just seven minutes before the contest ended. art, how did you catch it?
5:58 pm
>> on a hook. livers a e cold. >> they can laugh all day. i got a new truck! (laughs) >> reporter: for the losers, there's always next year and the belief in that old fishing saying about patience: good things come to those who bait. etrry petersen, cbs news, on hole in the day bay, minnesota. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
5:59 pm
of control: kpix-5 has learned, expensive r . now at 6:00, if you thought the price tag for the new bay bridge climbed outrageously out of control, kpix 5 is just learning expensive repairs are already being discussed. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the bah bridge opened a few months ago but already needs a costly overall. phil ma tier on the project that's going to cost millions. phil? >> reporter: that's right. , you know, it's interesting. it was brought to our attention by the mayor in the news last week. it's shocking. here's the story. it's been open for only four months but already are concerns taxpayers may be in for a bigger sticker shock when it comes to the price for the bay bridge. >> our expert said you'll have to be spending money on retro
6:00 pm
fitting within five years. >> reporter: that was state senator mark desonier saying they may spend more money on the $6.000000000 span. >> we're told we will get a world class product. >> could be right or wrong, only time will tell but the state has already spent 25 million fixing one problem with faulty bolts on the stand. cost more than twice as much as initially expected. now cal tons spends $10 million and counting to test the rest of the bay bridge's bolts. >> got sandbag, sheets of steel on top. >> reporter: the tests are done heren a back lot of the construction site. not exactly livermore labs but they say it will get the job done. >> taking rods from the bridge and we submerge the ends in a highly corrosive salt


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